Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mushroom and Garlic soup

Upping the amount of garlic in the base and a pinch of nutmeg makes for a comforting and very tasty soup that might just drive away the flu that is just lingering on inside my head. The garlic is cooked slowly to bring out it’s sweetness and flavour. You could roast the garlic as well if you have the oven on anyway for something else. If this doesn’t work I’ll just have to blast it away with some chilli and ginger!

- gently fry and onion, a celery stick and three cloves of garlic ( peeled and/or roughly chopped as appropriate) in some olive oil and a big slice of butter.
- leave them to cook for ages until they caramelise to a golden brown. This will take a good fifteen minutes.
- Meanwhile roughly chop up a couple of good handfuls of mushrooms.
- Add the mushrooms to the onions and stir around. Cook until the liquid that comes from the mushrooms has nearly all evaporated or until you get bored waiting.
- Pop in a pinch of ground Nutmeg and a dessertspoonful of plain flour.
- Stir and cook the flour for a couple of minutes.
- Pour in a pint and a quarter of vegetable stock and a small bunch of parsley, chopped.
- Simmer until the mushrooms are cooked then blend the soup smooth.
- Reheat adding salt and black pepper as required.

Serve with a good dollop of soured cream, sit back, enjoy the mushrooms backed up by a gentle garlicky background and think healing thoughts. At least that's what I did. . .

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. No nutmeg in my house so I improvised with extra pepper & a good glug of sherry. My version worked well!

Amy said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really really enjoy this soup. I've made it at least four times and every time it's fantastic.

I've found also found this soup is really incredibly good when you dip these in them:

Andy B said...

Just searching around for how to make this when i happened upon your blog.
I have got to say this was lovely.
This is the first time i've made a soup from scratch as it were, and this went down a treat with my girlfriend !

Peter said...

Glad you liked it Andy, - I think men that can cook rarely go wrong with their girlfriends or wives ;-)

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