Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spaghetti with Walnuts, Parmesan and Cream

A new year has begun and what do I fancy to eat? - Walnuts, just walnuts. I suppose I could have just had a handful of them on their own but the children are having spaghetti and bacon and whilst gazing into the supermarket cold cabinet yesterday a sauce of cream and parmesan caught my eye . . . Being tight fisted of course I did not buy the sauce (2011 will be a frugal year as we, along with the rest of the 49% of New Zealanders try and get on top of our debts) but the idea stuck in my mind . . .

- Peel, slice and chop a small onion and pop into the warm frying pan with a little oil.
( you’ll be boiling some spaghetti as well of course!)
- Cook for a few minutes until browning at the edges but still a little crunchy.
- Add a handfull of Walnuts and cook for a minute or two.
- Pour in a cupful or so of runny cream, bring to a boil and cook until it thickens a little.
- Take off the heat and add in a handfull of grated parmesan and stir to mix then pour over your spaghetti.
- Season with a little salt if required.

A simple dish, made in the time it takes to boil some spaghetti, but just what I needed today and wouldn’t be out of place on a bistro menu.

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