Sunday, August 31, 2008

About me

Welcome, my name is Peter Coulter and as you have no doubt realised I write about food, soup mostly. My credentials for doing this? Well I am not a renowned food critic. I have never run my own restaurant or been food writer for Vogue. But I do like to eat. And because I eat I also cook. You can often find me cooking for an ordinary family of five in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Oh, and whilst cooking I also think, and these thoughts get written down. You are reading some of them now. So explore the recipes, play with them, comment if like, but most of all  . . . enjoy yourself.

Ps - If you do enjoy my writing you might enjoy my book - it explores further my theory that soup can me made from a combination of three elements or building blocks - the main ingredient, the base and the thickening agent. You can read it online or download it here, it is entirely free and I am happy for you to print any of it out, email it, pass it onto your friends or whatever. And although you are under no obligation to do so, it would be nice if you credit me or link back to here.

A recent reader has commented -

" awesome book (and blog)! the recipes are simple and easy to learn and follow.
thanks so much for sharing! "


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