Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sunday 10.03am

Sometimes all you need is one ingredient, cooked and served simply to allow all the nuances of the flavour to come through. Especially if you have spent the day over indulging on alcohol and snack food at a Christmas outing.

For me mushrooms does the trick. Any sort will do, sliced and fried in a little oil and butter until they just turn golden at the edges without being too soft. Served along with some lightly buttered toast the whole thing takes a few minutes to prepare and has an almost zen-like calmness and simplicity about it. Perfect.

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Jodi said...

If you're feeling just a little fancy, a bit of shallot, sherry, and parsley are awfully nice additions. The following setas recipe from the Figs, Bay, Wine blog is also great with buttered toast but also on greens:


Peter said...

I was more more delicate than fancy I think but I am off to have a look now, thanks for the link


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