Friday, October 17, 2008

Carrot and Potato soup

Friday 10.12pm

Another simple soup, quite plain with the main ingredients grated for a crunchier texture.

- Peel and chop an onion and a couple of cloves of garlic along with a chopped slice of bacon ( unless you are vegetarian, in which case leave out the bacon)
- Fry them gently in a little olive oil and a quarter inch slice of butter - Meanwhile peel and grate 3 carrots and two potatoes
- Put these in the pan with the onions etc and stir about a bit for a couple of minutes
- Pour over two and a quarter pints of vegetable stock
- leave to simmer gently until everything is cooked, as the ingredients are grated this will not take long, fifteen minutes or so
- check for salt and pepper and add the juice of a small lemon before serving

I cooked this for the family dinner so I made twice my usual quantity, two pints of soup will feed 4 or five people. I had mine with some chopped chives from the garden and a big splodge of philadelphia cheese. Oh . . . . and some walnut bread of course.

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Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds just yammy...
yes, and teastes great too.

Hannah, London said...

Although I read and enjoy your blog regularly I've never got round to making any of your recipies ... until today. With carrots and potatoes to use up I wanted something a bit fresher and this did the trick. Thank you and keep up the inspiring ideas!

Peter said...

Thankyou Hannah

Admittedly I have been a bit lax posting recently but I've some new ideas waiting to be posted as soon as I get decent photos . . .

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