Saturday, September 20, 2008


Saturday 7.56pm

Sitting as I am on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, it shouldn't be a surprise really, but people in New Zealand love sushi. They eat it just as I would a bag of chips from a fish and chip shop. That is chips as in french fries not what I would call crisps or chippies here. Here sushi bars are everywhere but in Edinburgh I only remember one, on Rose street I think, and mesmerised as I was by the little conveyor belt that went round with the dishes on it I never actually ventured inside. I was a sushi virgin. But on the nineteenth of September at seven o'clock in the evening that all changed. In our family, on your birthday you get to choose what your birthday tea will be. And this year I chose sushi. Served up by Nicola and our youngest dressed in Kimonos I cannot say it was exactly a hit. As the only one in our family who actually like fish (fish fingers don't really count), this was not a complete surprise. 

So I ate most of the sushi. And it was strange and tasted of the sea. I can't say I disliked it but can't say I liked it either. But I'll be trying it again I think.

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